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Section: Seersucker & Sunshine

When We Were Young Risky Business from the pen of Marsha L Burris I recall few details about first grade but I remember this: I was a money-making machine. Frances Mathis was my teacher that year and she remains to … Continue reading

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A Fine Obituary

The Passing of Kid Sloan A  little wanderer who knew much of humanity…he “pied his form” Buried in the jumble of newsworthy events in the Charlotte Daily Observer in May 1903 were a curious and compelling series of articles about … Continue reading

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A Day in the Life

The Charlotte Daily Observer, October 11, 1913 Headline stories for October 11, 1913 may have included such items as: Provisional President Huerta made himself Dictator of the Mexican Republic; a land mass the size of Greenland was discovered in the … Continue reading

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We Have Issues…

Masking Tape, People, Masking Tape… What we have here is a social faux pas. When my mother passed last spring (shout out to Big Ang-raise your glasses high) a nice lady brought a plate of cookies (this plate) to the … Continue reading

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Because I Said So

The Double Modal Might Could “I might could do that.” This expression drives non-Southerners crazy. It may be the Number One offensive expression non-Southerners hear on a regular basis. Like fingernails on a blackboard, it grates on their sensitive ears. … Continue reading

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Section: Seersucker & Sunshine

When We Were Young Barefootin’ in Newell from the pen of Marsha L. Burris Summer arrived for us the first warm day we could shed shoes and socks.  No calendar was consulted.  Feeling the lush cool clover under our feet … Continue reading

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From Meg’s monitor on a Saturday afternoon- Welcome to Southern Muses- The three of us were talking around the table the other day trying to come up with a focus for our introductory article. And it occurred to us that … Continue reading

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