From Meg’s monitor on a Saturday afternoon-

Welcome to Southern Muses-

The three of us were talking around the table the other day trying to come up with a focus for our introductory article. And it occurred to us that maybe this was a good opportunity to explain our reasons for taking to the web.

At Southern Muses, we hope to capture your interest with a variety articles on the everyday life of the South. But this blog is not about the SOUTH-that monolithic creature in which Northerners assume that we all talk alike, think alike and act alike. No, we are writing about our piece of the South, the Carolinas, which is a distinctly unique region which we call home.

That being said, we also realize that there are life situations that are timeless, universal and cross over every man-made boundary. These experiences recognize no accent, no region, and no differences. It is what binds us together. Though Southerners, being as fond of kin as they are, make claim they just understand it better.

So it is a wide net that we are throwing out. Basically, we decided to write about what caught our eye, our ears and our thoughts.

For starters, there is the regular feature “Seersucker & Sunshine,” in which we visit the small town of Newell, North Carolina where Muse Marsha grew up.

Mark Twain once wrote, “Southerners talk music.” They sure do. Paula will be exploring the intriguing twists and turns of the Southern language in her “Because I Said So.”

As for me, I do a little writing and a little picture-taking and will be looking at buildings–all kinds of them.

Readers will be invited to participate in our ongoing photo polls of “Burning Questions,” in which we kindly debate what do you really call those things?

We’ll have photo essays plus much more we hope as we continue to explore our little corner of the South.

We appreciate that you have read this far; and hope you will continue on.

We look forward to hearing from you-thanks for stopping by to give us a look.

Until next time,


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