A Day in the Life

The Charlotte Daily Observer, October 11, 1913

Headline stories for October 11, 1913 may have included such items as: Provisional President Huerta made himself Dictator of the Mexican Republic; a land mass the size of Greenland was discovered in the Siberian arctic; four members of the notorious terror organization-The Black Hand-were arrested in New Jersey; three British woman golfers defeated the American team at the tournament at the country club in Wilmington, Delaware, and that’s all well and good, but quotidian life in Charlotte transcended all that.

  • The  beautiful new Colonial home of Mr. & Mrs. H.M. Victor on The Plaza, Chatham Estates, was thrown open for the first time yesterday morning when Mrs. Victor was the hostess to the Auction Club. The tables were arranged in the drawing room which was adorned with numerous vases and bowls of  pink cosmos. The  prize, a box of handkerchiefs,  for the top score was won by Mrs. Robert A. Mayer. After the game a salad course was served. Those playing were Mesdames S.B. Alexander Jr., Margaret Kelley Abernethy, Edward C. Marshall, Robert C. Moore, Cameron Morrison, Armand de Rosset Myers, James A. Houston, Harry S. Mather, Robert A. Mayer, and Misses Anne Parks and Selene Hutchinson.
  • Mrs. E.M. Brevard accompanied by her little daughter Cora Robertson Brevard of Tallahassee, Florida who has been spending some time with her sister Miss Julia Robertson on West Trade Street will leave next week for Raleigh to visit at the home of her father Gen. T.R. Robertson. Mrs. Brevard will remain over for the performance of  Miss Annie Russell in “She Stoops to Conquer” at the Academy of Music Tuesday evening.
  • The friends of Mrs. W.W. Watt who has been very sick at the Charlotte Sanatorium will be glad to know she has improved sufficiently to be able to return to the Selwyn Hotel.
  • The many friends of Miss Helen Brem will regret to learn that she is quite sick at her home on East Boulevard, Dilworth. Miss Brem is suffering from tonsillitis.
  • The Japanese tea that was to be given this afternoon at the home of Mrs. Thomas C. Guthrie by a number of young people in Dilworth has been postponed.

A disappointment to many no doubt, however-

  • Miss Sudie Scott will entertain at her home on East Morehead St. Tuesday afternoon at cards.

Then there is the cryptic

  • Miss Katherine Cramer is expected home next week after an absence of three to four months spent in the North.


  • Mrs. E.D. Latta and her daughter Acton were returning from whooping it up at the Waldorf Astoria for a month.

and as a consequence they probably had more fun up north than Miss Cramer

  • Pearl Featherstone was arrested for being drunk and disorderly, for which she got 60 days on the county roads and an additional 30 days for an assault on Sgt. Pitts with a “rasor.”
  • James McKenny fired his pistol just for the fun of the thing and was fined $5 and costs.
  • The wool dress goods sale at Belk Brothers was meeting with meritorious success.
  • A fresh shipment of Buntes’ Marshmallows just arrived at Moody’s Drugstore. Ten Cents.
  • 75 horses and 75 mules  were for sale at Wadsworth’s Sons Company.
  • Tate Brown offered the latest fashion in men’s hats-The Piping Rock-a soft hat with a soft silk band for $5-$7.
from the social dispatches on the desk of Paula M. Stathakis
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