Christmas Edition: White Christmas

For the entire week leading up to Christmas, all we heard about was the rare promise of  a White Christmas. The last time this happened around here was in 1947. The impending snow storm was all the weather forecasters could talk about. Because they wouldn’t let the topic go, it was all we began to talk about. “Are you on the road Christmas Day? Well, be careful–we’re supposed to get bad weather,” or “they’re predicting snow this weekend so stay so stay out of the grocery store if you can,” and  etc.

As the experts tweaked the forecast, we were assured it would not snow Christmas Eve, only on Christmas Day, and we might only get an inch, which is enough to make it count but not enough to cover anything decently. We all went to bed thinking, “ho hum, snow on Christmas, like that’s going to happen,” and we were vindicated on Christmas morning when we looked out of the window to see cloudy skies, but not a snowflake in sight. Off and on during day someone would have to say, “Where’s all that snow we’ve been hearing about?”

It started to rain about 8:00 PM. Folks wandered to the windows or the patios just to look and  occasional reports from anxious children, smokers en route to their outdoor exile, or the tipsy who were milling aimlessly around the house, drifted in announcing they could see a few snowflakes mixed in with the rain, and then they could see more, until it was clear it was finally really snowing. It didn’t look like it wanted to stick to anything, but it was snowing, and it was still Christmas day, so it could still count for something, maybe, if it kept at it.

By 10:00 PM there was a small accumulation and you could definitely say Charlotte had its White Christmas although it was too dark to appreciate it very much. By 11ish the snowflakes were little and wispy. This was probably the end of it.

Apparently not–

I bring you the Christmas Snow of 2010.

Happy 2nd day of Christmas

from the desk of  PMS
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