Christmas Edition: Recipes From the Archives

When we think of Christmas food and drink, we are really thinking of 2 things: booze and fruitcake, maybe booze with fruitcake, or booze with the intention of avoiding fruitcake.

Today we offer the most efficient way to get both. But remember, this is the season to give generously, entertain warmly, and for gawd’s sake, drink responsibly.

A few cups of this and you’ll Fa La La your way through the season.

If you are a fruitcake aficionado, you will probably argue the time to have made one’s fruitcake was months ago, because a really good fruitcake needs months of soaking in brandy, and the brandy needs to be applied at regular intervals. If you haven’t already make such a fruitcake for the holidays, it really is too late for that. However, if you crave the fruitcake experience without the fuss, we offer the following:

I hope they turn out too. Now go find some raisens and get cracking.


From the recesses of the Stathakis archives

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1 Response to Christmas Edition: Recipes From the Archives

  1. Artillery Punch looks really interesting, but screwing the cap off a good bottle of ‘Red’ may be a little quicker when trying to get so many things done during the Holiday Season. Still, it’s going into my recipe file!

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